We enable you to evaluate ideas by holding them in your hands

We use both traditional and digital techniques to produce three dimensional representations of your ideas.  Physical prototypes are a powerful tool in communicating any concept, product or piece of packaging.  We create foam models and packaging mockups that enable you to sense the opportunities of your ideas by evaluating form, scale, proportion and ergonomics.

Packaging prototypes created in our Bristol creative agency

Traditional vs Digital

In an era dominated by digital techniques, we champion the creation of handmade concept prototypes.  From simple 2D elevations we can produce accurate 3D sketch prototypes in our fully equipped workshop.  With an agile and effective modelmaking process we quickly prototype 3D representations of your idea, ready for you to evaluate, with no need to translate ideas into CAD data ready for digital production.  This process specifically benefits the FMCG packaging world, where complex forms are often time consuming to translate digitally and product development is fast paced.


High-density foam is a lightweight and versatile material, ideally suited to creating prototypes of any size.  These foam prototypes can help communicate the form, scale, and ergonomics of a concept, which are all important factors to evaluate in product design development.

Product Design Prototypes - Handmade in Bristol Design Agency

Packaging Mockups

We also work in substrate materials to produce mock up packaging prototypes, great for evaluating packaging principles, understanding interaction touch points,  or testing concepts within consumer research sessions. 

Industrial Design Agency Bristol - Handmade Foam Models
Hand finishing foam prototypes prior to them being sprayed
accurate production of concept prototypes 
Production of foam prototypes in fully equipped workshop
examples of handmade foam models, using agile model making process - 2D to 3D - FMCG packaging concepts

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